Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Pieces of Wisdom

A friend of mine came over to my house yesterday and presented his four pieces of wisdom to me. He said they are shape, smoothing out the rough edges, polish and shine.

When I asked what each of them mean, he said their meaning is up to you because you are on your own personal Wisdom Path. Each sees their meaning differently.

While in the early stages of sleep last night, the meaning of each of these words as they relate to my perception of what I see on my own personal Wisdom Path came to me:

1. Shape - I shape the reality of my path with the power of the intent of my Self. My path depends on my intent, therefore, I must clean my connecting link with intent.

2. Smoothing out the rough edges - As I expand my awareness on my path through my perception of my mystical experiences, I learn how to parent my ego and accept the consequences of my choices with divine non-chalance, grace, ease and pleasure.

3. Polish - As I continue down the path learning about my self through the Universe's reflecting mirror of what I project, I polish this mirror so that I gain clarity to see a clearer picture of my I AM.

4. Shine - The more I expand my awareness and the greater my clarity is on my path, I vibrate at a higher conscious and my light quotient gets higher allowing me to shine a brighter light of love, kindness, compassion, wisdom, peace and confidence.

What the four pieces of wisdom mean to me. It was a great exercise and taught me some great wisdom. What do they mean to you?

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