Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Last evening, I attended a powerful talk by Lee Papa entitled "How to Live and Lead Mindfully." It reminded me of how important mindfulness is and why it's a vital part of stepping onto your own Personal wisdom path!

What is mindfulness? To again quote Lee Papa, "mindfulness is the process of consciously changing your choice of thoughts and words."  She also states that mindfulness is "paying attention on the inside without judgement" and "directing your thoughts with intention without judgement."

Now, why is it so important to be mindful?

The reasons are many and here are a few:

You lead a heart-centered life filled with compassion, you realize your purpose, you live in harmony with all that is, you relieve stress, you become consciously aware, you become present in the now moment and drop fears and worries, you become non-judgemental, you learn to lead yourself and others from within, you become your true authentic self, you learn what true gratitude is and you allow yourself to live in your natural state of abundance!!

Are these enough to begin a mindful life? What do you think?

Join me there if you will!!

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