Saturday, April 25, 2015

Journey of an Ultra-Sensitive Empath

I am an ultra-sensitive Empath. On my journey to understanding who and what I am, I could not understand until later in my life why I had strange thoughts and feelings when I was around other people, thoughts and feelings that did not feel like my own. I also picked Up on the vibrations of places, objects, sounds, smells and colors. I never spoke of this to anyone and was never given guidance by my parents, teachers, relatives and clergy. I was essentially on my own as a budding Empath. Can you imagine?

Fortunately, I was aware enough to connect, later in life, with guides in all forms who explained that there was nothing psychologically wrong with me. I was simply an ultra-sensitive Empath who could perceive and feel the feelings, thoughts, persona, vibrations of everything including people! It helped me to see that my sensitivity was a strength, not a weakness. I also had to learn how to handle this powerful ability. I did and still do

In the spirit of assisting other empaths, here are "2015 Tips for Aquarian Empaths and Sensitives" written by Reverend Irma Kaye Sawyer that came to me from the Spirit Library back in early March:

1. Be mindful of the collective.

2. Be aware of "yours, mine and ours" energetically.

3. "Matching pictures / energies".

4. Love always wins, ultimately.

5. Grounding and centering.

6. Drop energies and beliefs that are no longer in alignment with you or your purpose.

7. Keep anchored in the heart and stay out of excess analysis.

8. Being aware and in touch with your emotions and energies is key.

If you are an Empath, be grateful for your way and do as much as you can to learn ways to function positively with this profound gift. I did and am still navigating my mystical path of empathy! I now see it for the blessing that it is.

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