Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is Suffering Necessary?

A big question for the Wisdom Keeper is whether suffering is necessary on your own personal Wisdom Path! Must I suffer to expand spiritually? Must I suffer to gain higher awareness and higher consciousness?

In my way of seeing and ultimately, being, suffering is not a requirement to enjoy expansion on one's personal Wisdom Path. We don't have to go kicking and screaming into a more aware state of being. We can travel there with divine non-chalance, ease, grace, pleasure and abundance. The Universe will help you but it won't agree with you and it is only you who chooses to align and attune to grace or suffering.

When you are suffering, take a detached step back from it and see that there is usually an imagined reason for suffering rather than what is actually happening in the now experience. It does seem and feel real and remember, it is your creation, hard as it may be to realize it or accept that!

My advice is to be aware of every aspect of your life in which you feel stuck and recognize this as only appearance.

YOU are the actor and director of this play, this creation. Doesn't it tell a lot about YOU if your life has suffering?

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