Sunday, April 12, 2015

Important Practices on the Road of Integrity

As I wend my way on my personal Wisdom Path, it has become clearer to me how important integrity is. This is based, for me, on many years of developing my integrity on my Spiritual path and I have found that this path of heart demands that I practice integrity and not just give it lip service or play a conceptual game with it!

I found that I will lose my integrity when I am feeling or reacting to any of these things:

Impatience, disappointment, desperation, aggression, hurt, loyalty and power.

The following practices are ones that I adhere to and have found them great for maintaining my integrity:

1. Thinking before I act.

2. Never committing to anything where I lack passion.

3. Keeping my word.

4. I always treat others with respect.

5. I always tell the truth.

6. I always favor action.

Perhaps you can add to this list! I have found these particular practices to be fundamental to staying on the road of integrity, a road, it seems to me, less traveled in this time and a must if you are walking the path of the Wisdom Keeper!

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