Thursday, April 23, 2015

Going Beyond Your Thinking Processes

The Wisdom Path is not a linear path, it is not rational, filled with analysis. It is a path of heart, a pathway to Spirit.

We can more deeply connect to our hearts and this Wisdom Path of heart by remembering that we are conditioned by being taught thinking and reasoning processes by those who raised us during our growing up years. This conditioning by parents, teachers, bosses, clergy and others was not meant to harm us as they themselves were conditioned.

Here are examples of what this conditioning caused with us:

1. We tend to over-generalize.

2. Our thinking tends to be black and white.

3. We often draw conclusions without evidence.

4. Most of the time, we assume the worst in a situation or we mentally blow things way out of proportion.

5. We take everything personally.

6. There is our major focus on our failures, mistakes and problems.

To step onto your own personal Wisdom Path means that you see beyond this mental conditioning and you come to see that thoughts are energy and thoughts can trigger emotions. There are Cosmic Laws that govern this energy. Make it your business to discover these laws and you will realize that you have the power to create your own personal reality.

By seeing beyond this mental conditioning, you'll learn how to be totally free from limited conditioning and thinking and the false belief that life just happens to you!

The Wisdom Path is a path of ownership. Owning your own reality, not the reality of others!!!

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