Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Embodying Your Higher Self

Before I give you the 22 steps that I discovered (this is not my own) to show me how to embody my Higher Self, I would like to share, from Dianne Collins' 'Quantum think' program, what she says about wisdom: "Answering the call of wisdom is essential to mastering a joyful life and accomplishing your goals."

These 22 steps to "embodying" your Higher Self, I believe, are an important aspect of being on the Wisdom Path in that it is an EXPERIENCE of our Higher Self.

These are both steps you can take AND what you must experience to embody your Higher Self:

1. Higher sensory perception.

2. Knowing your soul purpose.

3. Meeting your soul family.

4. Meeting your twin flame or soul mate.

5. Synchronicities and accelerated manifestation.

6. Taking responsibility for your happiness.

7. Embracing ALL emotions.

8. Holographic nature of reality.

9. Alchemical and healing powers.

10. Activating your DNA.

11. Unconditional self-love.

12. Integrating and transcending your shadow self.

13. Frequency resonance.

14. Honest yes and no.

15. Harmonious family relationship.

16. No guilt, no shame.

17. Making decisions in line with your Higher Self.

18. Inner and outer abundance.

19. Mind unplugged from the matrix.

20. Bye bye Idolatry.

21. Overflowing with gratitude.

22. Don't take yourself too seriously.

I know it's a long list and please understand that these are reminders to help you on your Wisdom Path. Simply review theses steps to check in with how you are with your Higher Self! You'll find it most rewarding and fulfilling!

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