Monday, April 20, 2015

Do You Want Joy in Your Life?

How do you create a life of joy? Is joy attainable in our world?

Having experienced great joy in my life and discovering that it is real, I found that "through the power of the intent of your Self, you can activate your birthright of joy! Through your intent, you can raise your vibrations to ecstatic bliss. So much of what we have seen and been taught is about striving, struggling, forming and an action-oriented way of being."

To be in joy (enjoy) is to simply "shift, by the use of your intent, to being where you already are and in a state of joy is the alignment, attunement process that will create a life of joy."

You create a life of joy by engaging it since joy is always there. It's simply the use of implicit intent.

Joy is a state of consciousness, a state of being that you can connect with at any time. Go to that state, emote that state and feel that state. Don't strive for it, just be it.

When you feel joy, you are in joy (enjoy).

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