Saturday, April 18, 2015

Circuits of Consciousness

When Dr. Timothy Leary wrote his "The Eight-Circuit Model of Consciousness," he was exploring and elucidating what Indian Cosmology discovered a while ago: humans are endowed with circuits, known also as chakras, that are spinning vortices of energy that are part of our nervous system and function as potential circuits, "gears" or mini-brains. They help us communicate within and between our physical and spiritual realms.

The Circuits of Consciousness are as follows:

The terrestrial circuits-

1. Root or Vital - Love, abundance, health

2. Politico-territorial or emotional

3. Intellectual or conceptual - belief systems / dogma

4. Socio-sexual or cultural

Between circuits four and five is where we make the "Great Leap" to the supra-terrestrial circuits!

5. Somatic or energy

6. Psychic or multi-dimensional

7. Mystico-religious or universal

8. Creator or Cosmic or Quantum

These circuits or chakras are connected to our nerve ganglia which are connected to our glands and are layers of reality through which our soul perceives, understands and acts.

I share this wisdom with you so that you can also experience these circuits for, alas, to the Wisdom Keeper, experience initiates spiritual authority!!!

There is much writing on this subject. All of it fascinating and enlightening. A great help on your Wisdom Path, you'll find.

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