Monday, March 9, 2015

Your Own Personal Wisdom Path is a State of Being

In stepping onto your own personal Wisdom Path, you are really stepping into a state of being! To be what I like to call a Wisdom Keeper, you have to apply wisdom to everything you do, think, feel and say. Essentially, you ARE wisdom.
How do you do this, how are you wisdom? In my experience, you apply wisdom to your actions. You use discernment in all things. For example, you add a touch of wisdom to your love. When you do that, you realize that love is a force and that force holds no grievances. You never have to withhold your love because in that force, everything and anything is possible. You are at peace with yourself.
This Wisdom Path is a realm that is's within you and is reflected in your reality. When you move through life with discernment, there will still be ups and downs. Being wisdom allows you to see through the veil of duality. It's all just a mirage anyway but a fun mirage that you can shape with your intent!
Follow your inner wisdom, your inner teacher, your inner guru to follow the bliss. Remember what guru means: GEE U ARE U!!!

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