Wednesday, March 25, 2015

You Are THE Creator

You are THE creator having a physical experience for the purpose of knowing your Self on ever deeper levels!!! Now, I know you might feel intimidated by that and again, understand you're not the ENTIRE Creator. You are a piece of the Creator but THE Creator nonetheless!

The fact that you are here is enough!

There is something very important about this BEING HERE and the power you have as a creator that I want to share with you. I received this from The Council of Light and what they said is,"You are a Creator translating your expectations into physical form. The world is meant to serve as a reference point. The exterior appearance is a replica of interior desire. You can change your personal world. You do it without knowing it. You have only to use your ability consciously, to examine the nature of your thoughts and your feelings and project those with which you basically agree."

Be the CREATOR that you are and create the world you desire in love, compassion and wisdom!

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