Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Withdrawing Love

The biggest emotionally hurtful experiences I have had in life are when others have withdrawn their love, ignored and estranged me because of some perceived slight that I might have done! I must have needed to experience these terrible treatments for how I may have behaved in this life or another but I got the message!

I can say that I am now aware of how menacing this is and I learned a most valuable lesson in life that withdrawing my love from another IS NOT the answer to creating good will with them!

I have come to see that when someone hurts you, THEY are hurting in some way and their behavior is a cry for help, attention AND MORE LOVE , NOT LESS!!!

Yes, there are those who come out of evil and selfishness and here again, I see this as coming out of fear.

My experience in relating to those who believe you have slighted them or are coming out of fear of loss or rejection is to confront, in a good way, the perceived hurt. Let them know how you feel or ask them what they are mad about! Open the lines of communication. Withdrawing, I have found, only makes things worse. It just prolongs a bad feeling. 

If someone estranges you and is intransigent, love them from afar in loving detachment and forgiveness. They will feel it consciously or unconsciously. They will change!

The key is to stay in love, compassion and wisdom within yourself and give this to others. This is the answer to peace. Withdrawing and estranging is not an answer, it is a vacuum where emotions hang in a sullen stasis! I have been there and will not go to that place ever again! Don't you either!

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