Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What is the "Wisdom Path" really?

When we say, "step onto your own Wisdom Path, what are we really talking about here? As I see it, from my experience on the path, I see it as a path to creating ourselves. That is, we are creating our reality by our thoughts. Our reality is really an energy construct in which energy follows thought.
We are shapers who can manipulate energy like clay.  I mean manipulate in a positive way.

What I find that we must remember is that the true magic of the Wisdom Path lies in effortlessly intending that our reality come about! Perhaps we can call this tapping into "Divine nonchalance" where we are our exalted selves who are already triumphant, liberated, joyous in achievement and the highest in attainment.

Remember that being a Wisdom Keeper is really being an agent of Spirit and as such, it is an endless challenge. That's what the Wisdom Path is: a wonderful, endless challenge that asks us to expand our awareness! It is never ending. This is what I believe, this is what I live.

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