Thursday, March 12, 2015

What is a "Soul Mate?"

Having had a Soul Mate relationship in my life AND discovering that it's not what most people think until they experience one, I would like to share my Soul Mate experience.

The biggest shock that I got was learning that my Soul Mate, my wife, Maureen and I had agreed to come together in this life time even before we came in!  What's more is that we have done this in many guises, not just as lovers and husband and wife. Maureen has been many people to me in our many lives and we have a preference for being lovers where we have switched our male and female roles in different life times.

The biggest kicker that I discovered is that we are of the SAME soul!!!
The Soul Mate ExperienceHere is a partial list of what I experience(d) with my Soul Mate, Maureen:

1. We both felt that it's something inside as in a deep and instant connection.

2. We both just got each other.

3. We had flashbacks of previous lives together.

4. We both fell in love with each other's flaws.

5. The relationship was always intense!

6. It felt like it was the two of us against the world.

7. We were mentally inseparable.

8. We felt secure and protected being together.

9. We could not imagine our lives without each other.

10. We always looked each other in the eye.

The Soul Mate experience is a very close and intense experience. It is one of great learning, great love, great compassion and great forgiveness. To all of those out there wishing for their Soul careful what you wish for!!!

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