Thursday, March 26, 2015

We Can be Fulfilled both Spiritually AND Materially

Big mind buster on the Wisdom Path: Being spiritual IS NOT THE NEGATION OF THE MATERIAL!!!

When you are deeply spiritual you can still have all that the material realm has to offer!

Some important wisdom to consider as you navigate your inner wisdom path both spiritually and materially:

"...vibrate in the love of the Self, honor the Self and understand that the journey here is about self-discovery in relationship to others."

That which is like itself attracts more of it. In a way, you become, on a vibrational level, that which you are seeking.

Everything is in Union with everything else. If there is radiant health outside of you, without, then there is radiant health within. If there is soul fulfillment inside of you, there is soul fulfillment outside of you.

Spiritual and material are one: as above, so below. Don't confuse lower and below as inferior and higher and above as better or superior. Remember: there is wisdom in BOTH. Father Sky AND Mother Earth!!!

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