Sunday, March 15, 2015

There is no one in your experience but you.

One of the major discoveries / realizations that I had on my Wisdom Path was that I was the only one having the experience! There was no one else there. It seemed like "others" were there but I discovered that it was only me having the experience. All I was perceiving were my own perceptions, all that happened to me, whether it was suffering or happiness was not about what my five senses told me. My five senses were not true. There is nothing external. All is an internal realm and that is where I was having my experiences.

That's why everyone sees the same thing differently. My wife could be the most lovely woman but my brother-in-law could find her distasteful. That's not about her. It doesn't matter what she does good or bad. That's HIS experience based on his belief of what his psyche is telling him. It's all an inside job.

This path that we are on, this so-called Wisdom Path and your experiences there says everything about YOU. However you interpret what impinges on your psyche, nervous system, senses is about you. Those interpretations are the very best way to understand self. If you are having a bad experience, that's about something in you. The Wisdom Path is the road to discovering your clarity and why you interpret your reality as sad, mad, depressed, angry, hateful or loving, joyful, happy and abundant and in so doing, discovering the illusions of "out there." I know that in our reality people will go to chemistry and stimuli. That's fine. At the end of the day, it's all an energy construct and humans are a part of the All. When you say physical, please remember the cosmic law: as above, so below. This is a spiritual experience.

Ultimately, the Wisdom Path shows you that only YOU are in control of your reality. Therefor, choose wisely by making friends with yourself. A friend who makes all of your experiences what YOU want them to be with the least harm to self! Starting today, go have some fun already!!!

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