Sunday, March 29, 2015

The formula to greater wisdom and even miracles!

I was given this last year and it came to me as "The 7 Step Miracle Formula." This is not my own, so while I take no credit for it and cannot ascribe it to anyone, I share it with you in love:

1. Clearing/release - release what may be standing in the way.

2. Aligning - who and how would the you that has already achieved your goals be?

3. Intention - what does your heart really desire?

4. Love - infuse yourself and your goals with love.

5. Manifesting activation - this is the acting on it part, the do. Really, it's the allowing.

6. Letting go - again, allow the manifestation to unfold. Here, you must trust! No holding on, being needy or in despair.

7. Receiving- be open to letting it come to you - YOU ARE WORTHY!!!

Follow this formula and great miracles will occur in your life. After all, isn't your Wisdom Path the place where you learn to get out of your own way and let the natural way of abundance to flow to you?

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