Friday, March 13, 2015

Spiritual Pride on the Wisdom Path

One of the states of being I am careful to navigate on the Wisdom Path is the state of spiritual pride. Why I am conscious of this and sharing it with you is that spiritual pride is an ego-based construct that says that because we are expanding our awareness, we are better than others! We get all puffed up about our progress on the path and want all to notice. Remember that this is a quiet path, an inner path.

Falling for spiritual pride is becoming enmeshed in what I like to call "maya" or "glamor" or a holier-than-thou attitude that really keeps you from progressing on the Wisdom Path. Thinking that you're better is an illusion of the ego!

There is no hierarchical status on the Wisdom Path. We each have our own inner teacher, inner guru and Higher Self. Thinking that you or someone else is better or higher spiritually is a form of idolatry where you give up your power to something or someone else.

There is no judgement based on where you are in your soul growth. Each goes according to his/her own pace. Don't judge yourself or others. Simply contain yourself in humility, not false humbleness, just plain old humility where you grow your personal power and not give it up to your ego or a supposed guru.

The Wisdom Path demands great self-responsibility. Being wiser does not mean better, it means being open to knowing, which leads to understanding, which leads to enlightenment!!!

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