Friday, March 20, 2015

Soul Lessons on the Wisdom Path

At the end of December, 2013, I received this Soul lesson: "You're being appointed to serve as a role model for the new millennium by demonstrating that suffering and self-denial are not morally superior choices." Just as an aside, when you are on the Wisdom Path, Soul lessons come in many forms from the whisperings of Spirit ( always positive and will NEVER ask you to do harm of any kind) to songs on the radio to experiences with loved ones.

To me, this Soul lesson from 2013 was about the realization that suffering and self-denial are choices we make, conscious or otherwise. We don't have to suffer! We CAN choose peace, happiness, grace, ease, pleasure and abundance. Suffering and self-denial are about thinking with your ego, about living in duality. Duality says you must suffer to appreciate having peace. I put forth that the Soul lesson contends that we get out of duality by realizing it's just a belief system. We don't have to take the lower vibration of suffering on. We can be in Unity consciousness, the force of love where all good things are possible.

There is nothing wrong with morality and be more aware that there is a higher level than Mass or Societal consciousness that pushes forth duality. There is the consciousness of putting forth the singular vibration of love where you are manifesting positive qualities like happiness, compassion, serenity and wisdom. Where you choose grace, not defeat!

Yes, our existence in this matrix is fraught with ups and downs and there will always be a sense of struggle in this density. The lesson here is that it is your choice to attune your Soul back to balance and it is not a difficult state to be in. It's a decision, a choice to see suffering as morally inferior!!!

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