Saturday, March 14, 2015

Separation Consciousness

An important aspect of stepping onto your own personal wisdom path is coming to a place where you can see through the false construct of separation consciousness. We are all connected through the one logos of this planet; connected through the cosmic web or collective consciousness. We are all one.  As it was once said, "separation is an impulse that is not based on insight."

As you go deeper into your personal wisdom path, you will see that there is only one Self here. We humans are simply individualized personas of the of souls projected by a monad. Each monad or over-soul projects twelve souls and each of those twelve souls projects twelve personas. Inherent in each soul fragment is our God-Self.

At the same time that you are on an individualized path, you share an over all path with everyone else who is here: the path to spiritual self-realization. No one is exempt from this but you do have your own free will as to how to get to your enlightenment.

Send love, compassion and wisdom through the cosmic web to everyone and everything on Earth! Do this daily and not only will you see through the veil of separation, you will receive much grace, ease, peace and abundance back into your life. That feeling of connectedness is important to our happiness!

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