Monday, March 16, 2015

In Resonance on the Wisdom Path

As you go deeper into the consciousness of your own inner Wisdom Path, you will discover that "you are the epi-center of Universal consciousness." As such, you are a being of resonance. That is, you are "responding to vibrations of a particular frequency especially by itself strongly vibrating." We are talking here about the Cosmic Law of Resonance which states that like attracts like.

As Jasmuheen reflects in her book, "In Resonance," 'our bodies are energy systems, and we oscillate at our own unique vibrational frequency that reflects the sum total of everything we have experienced through eons of time.'

We choose to resonate at "higher or lower frequencies. We can be on key or off key. Toxicity from negative thoughts, unresolved negative emotions, pollutants, dross, poor diets, etc. effects the energy fields of the body."

If you wish to choose a path that brings you what you desire in life, begin to "emit finer frequencies and the finer the life experiences you wifi attract via the Cosmic Law of Resonance. Anything that life presents you is there because you have attracted it to yourself by your vibrational frequency."

How does one change one's frequency on a practical level? It begins by being conscious of your belief systems, those thoughtful agreements you made with your psyche that are now how you live your life.

To start, ask yourself these questions:

1. What are your beliefs around money?

2. What are your beliefs around love and relationships?

3. What do you believe you deserve in this lifetime?

4. Do you deserve to be happy?

5. Do you deserve to be successful?

6. Do you deserve to truly have the life of your dreams?

7. Are your beliefs in line with your goals in life?

The Wisdom Path asks you to realize this, for, after all, "we have the capacity to create the reality that we desire simply by altering the energy signals we emit and by understanding the laws that govern all matter."

Try this inner guidance on for size. Hey, you did come here for a reason!!!

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