Saturday, March 21, 2015

How to Talk to the Universe

There is much talk and writing about how to use one'e intent to create the reality one seeks. To use the words of the sorcerer, Don Juan Matus, "intending is the secret. There is no technique for intending. One intends through usuage."

I have found it useful to interact with the Universe through intent not by asking it a question like why not but by always using a statement of thanks as in, "thank you that I have already received the money I need for my trip!" I let the Universe know of my intent and thank it in confidence that it's already happened. After all, each of us IS the Universe. When we use the power of our intent, we are sending out a vibration of intent that echoes back to us and eventually manifests in our 3D matrix.

Practice this in confident humility. I call this cleaning your connecting link to intent (borrowed from Don Juan Matus). You must have absolute clarity when using your intent and communicating with the Universe. You conscious and subconscious minds must be in alignment.

Try this simple way and you'll see how intent is a powerful tool on the Wisdom Path!

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