Saturday, March 28, 2015

Embrace Your Power

The very act of stepping onto your own personal Wisdom Path is about embracing your natural power. So go ahead and embrace it.

To reiterate and clarify how one goes about embracing one's power, remember one important rule: take personal responsibility for yourself!!!

When you embrace your power, you realize that YOU create your personal reality!

Some other keys to tapping into your personal power:

1. Own your power and know that it is directed by your choices.

2. Know that poor choices lead to poor creations and vive versa. If you make a poor choice, deal with the consequences with grace. Same for good choices!

3. Ask yourself, "what is the desire I want to materialize."

4. Use your inherent power of concentration that will make it possible to VISUALIZE that desire.

5. Stay only in those emotions that simultaneously serve as a guidance system and as a fuel to increase the speed and effectiveness of the creative process.

You are a creator. Own that creative power and use it for your own good and the good of others!!!

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