Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Discovering Your Own Personal Wisdom Path

When you discover your own personal Wisdom Path, you'll see that it is a never-ending path as in, there is no destination. You are not "going" anywhere. "Path" is simply a metaphor for traveling to higher levels of awareness. Think of the Wisdom Path as a way of expanding your awareness.

This path is for the courageous enough to face their lessons, initiations and rings pass not with an open mind and open heart. To agree to be in touch with Spirit in a way of grace is one of the great teachings of the Wisdom Path. Be in a state of grace.

One day on the path, you will realize that you have reached a level of grace by addressing the healing of your lower self and crossing the bridge of heart through the power of unconditional love. You will realize that you have accessed the three spiritual chakras of higher self: the throat, third eye and crown chakras and then you will realize that this is a re-discovery of your Wisdom Path for it was in you all along!

I leave the mystical path open for you to find out what I'm talking about here. This is a path to experience, not a conceptual path! I don't need to detail everything here...go find out more for yourself!!!


  1. I do hope that you are gathering these Notes of Wisdom for a book you should publish... just saying.... xo