Monday, March 30, 2015

Accept What Is!

Last year, I worked again with Sonia Choquette's "Soul Lessons and Soul Purpose, Oracle cards, the most direct path to spiritual peace and personal fulfillment" and pulled this particular card. In having found it invaluable in helping me with my reactive tendencies, I share it with you:

"Accept What Is"

"The more disciplined you are in your responses, the more you'll achieve.

When you take charge of your negative emotional reactions, you'll begin to tap into your true Divine Power.

Respond in a grounded, nonreactive manner to what life deals you and take nothing personally, good or bad. Instead, focus on what you want to create in all circumstances.

Subdue all tempting negative emotional reactions and stay connected to your Higher Self and Divine Spirit for guidance."

This is essential for anyone stepping onto their own Wisdom Path because your experience here is how YOU see it, react to it, respond to it!

Check out Sonia Choquette's materials and talks. She is a Wisdom Keeper.

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